New Post!

New Post!

 We will like to say thank you so much to everyone for your support since we launched and we look forward to a more prosperous and great 2019. This is also the perfect post to go through highlights from 2018 briefly.



We started the year with our old website featuring only hampers.





In August newly refreshed website was launched alongside 14 new gifts which included 10 gift boxes and 4 hampers.





Also held our first ever pop up event in August at the Award-Winning Contemporary Blue Fin Building.

gift ideas




We were privileged to work with amazing brides and grooms for their wedding gifting needs.

groomsmen gifts

bridesmaids gifts




We were over the moon when huge companies/brands commissioned us to deliver their corporate gifting needs.

corporate gifts




In October we held our second pop up event at the amazing Tower 42 skyscraper in the city of London, which was also a huge success.





We Launched our limited edition Christmas gift collection in December.

gift ideas





To top it all up we were nominated for wedding finishing touches vendor of the year which was a surprise and a huge honour.



We couldn't have done any of the above without you our wonderful customers/clients. We hope you will continue to support us this new year by referring us to your family/friends/loved ones.

If you are not following us yet on our social media, why not follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for more live updates and behind the scenes.

Once Again, Thank You and Happy New Year!

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